Our Services

We can service, repair, diagnose faults, fix your air conditioning or just conduct an MoT test. We pride ourselves in using modern technology with an old fashioned personal approach. Although many cars these days require a computer to diagnose, or even perform a simple oil change, we combine our expertise and well equipped modern workshop with honest estimates and quality work.

We will pick up your car and drop it off if you can’t make it to the garage because of work commitments or other problems. We will try our very best to complete the work to your time schedule not ours, although this can depend upon what needs doing and availability of parts etc. Rest assured, if we have the parts, or can get them quickly, then you will have your vehicle back when you need it.

We are able to provide a complete service to clients from Ipswich, and across Suffolk, and serve anyone and everyone from the general public to trade. We are also pleased to be able to offer discounts to serving police officers. Our garage is open throughout the year and our rates are highly competitive whilst never compromising the level of service we offer.

We have the very latest equipment for your annual MoT Test, which means we can examine your vehicle in approximately 35 minutes. Book an appointment and either stay to watch or pop out to the nearby shops.

We specialise in all aspects of vehicle servicing, including:

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MOTs are a legal requirement and must be carried out annually once a vehicle is three years old and over. MOTs can be carried out 30 days prior to the expiry date and are not the same as a service, the test does not cover the condition of the engine, clutch or gearbox. The test checks the general condition of the vehicle body and structure, tow bar, fuel and exhaust systems, emissions, seatbelts, seats, doors, mirrors, windscreen, brakes, tyres and wheels, registration plates, lights, general electrics, bonnet, wipers and washers, horn, steering and suspension and the vehicle identification.

Vehicle Repairs

Problems with brakes, clutch, lights, steering, suspension, exhausts, etc, anything mechanical, we can fix. General repairs due to wear and tear such as brakes, broken coil springs, clutch, worn tyres etc., can be replaced, along with scheduled vehicle repairs such as cambelts.

Most cars require servicing once a year, but as each vehicle is different, manufacturers have a recommended service schedule for their vehicles. We carry out servicing to manufacturers’ specification, unless the customer requests otherwise. A service sheet is provided detailing any recommendations for repairs that may be needed along with the components checked, which includes oil change, filters replaced, tyres, exhaust and lights check, operation of brakes and steering, etc. We recommend an engine flush to clean the engine before the new oil is added.


To allow a vehicle to change speed or stop, the connection between the wheels and the engine needs to be broken and is where the clutch comes in. There are various components involved in a clutch system including the clutch plate, flywheel and slave cylinder. Like all parts, they can fail or wear out over time, holding down the clutch can cause it to wear out quicker than normal.


Brakes commonly use friction between two surfaces, for instance brake discs and brake pads or brake drums and brake shoes. Brake pads and shoes can be changed on their own if the discs or drums are in good condition. If the discs or drums need to be replaced; so will the pads or shoes irrespective of their condition. Other examples of brake failures are brake calipers, which is the assembly that houses the brake pads and pistons. Also brake fluid changes may be required.


The exhaust system controls noise, carries away gases, improves engine performance and fuel consumption. There are many components to a vehicle’s exhaust system including manifolds, valves, oxygen sensors, catalytic converter, pipes, muffler and tail box. Any or all of these can fail and deteriorate over a period of time.


Not just round and black, tyres support the weight of the vehicle, provide traction to the road, absorbs road shocks, change and maintain the direction of travel. Regular tyre checks are essential and should include checking the tyre depth, tread and pressure, also for nails in the tyre that can cause deterioration of the tyre and its performance. We offer visual tyre checks if required and of course we can replace and/or repair tyres, many popular tyre sizes are held in stock.


Diagnostic systems give access to the status of various vehicle sub-systems. More information has become available to accurately diagnose issues with the engine, exhaust, transmission, ignition, throttle and others. A basic diagnostic check generally takes approximately 30 minutes, but if the issues are more complicated, more time can be involved to diagnose.

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system consists of three main parts – compressor, condenser and evaporator, along with air conditioning gas of course. The air conditioning system works to cool the air in the vehicle. When this stops working, it can be as simple as re-gassing the system. A nitrogen test is carried out to determine any leaks on the system if a simple re-gas is not viable. We are able to re-gas systems with gases of both R1234YF and R134A.

Steering and Tracking

If your vehicle pulls to one side, the steering wheel does not return to the centre, or is off centre, or the steering feels loose, excessive tyre wear in certain spots; then wheel alignment or tracking may be required. Wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels to reduce tyre wear and ensure the vehicle travel is straight and true. It takes around 30-45 minutes to perform the wheel alignment. We are able to carry out both two wheel and four wheel alignment.


Economy re-mapping is available for most cars and will change pressure and timing adjustments, fuel pulse adjustment and turbo boost pressure adjustment, giving improved fuel economy. Diesel engine re-mapping gains approximately 20-40% in additional BHP and up to 60% extra torque. Petrol engine re-mapping is more effective on turbo engines, giving an increase of 15-30% on BHP. The engine will have more gear ratio flexibility, delivering a noticeably better and smoother drive. If the vehicle is driven harder than intended, the fuel economy will reduce.